Saturday, January 9, 2010

my eyelashes have left the building

among the lengthy list of unattractive side effects that pregnancy brings, one that bothers me a lot is what it has done to my eyelashes.

as a side note, the hair on my head in thicker and more brag-worthy than it's ever been. i hear it may go back to it's former state after i deliver. boo.

anyway, my eyelashes are shorter and sparser than they were nine months ago. my deep-set eyes rely on big, fat lashes and some manuevering with an eyeshadow brush to keep them from looking recessed and exhausted. not only am i actually tired all the time...i look it! even a swipe with my regular mascara doesn't hold the same magic that it used to.

i'm too nervous to try Latisse, the prescription medication that is supposed to grow lashes, due to the side effects. i simply won't risk putting brown spots on my blue irises, especially when it's permanent.

then there's L'Oreal's Renewal Lash Serum, which doesn't necessarily spark new eyelash growth as much as help you keep your lashes intact. basically, it stalls the shedding process.

hopefully my eyelash woes mend themselves after the baby arrives....i've had several months to plot and plan a new "hot mama" look, and having decent eyelashes is definitely part of that!