Wednesday, January 9, 2013

just in case....

oh, my forgotten beauty blog. i bet nobody is even still reading!

let's catch up.

i'm a cosmetologist now, which means i do hair, nails, and makeup. i love what i do, and i'm always looking for new things to try. i didn't go organic. i'm not sure if i should feel guilty about that.

however, money is tight. i don't get to try things out as often as i would like. i never gave up my $28.00 Dior mascara, but i have fallen in love with a few products that are easier on the wallet.

i'm in the middle of a divorce, and i have a three year old. I work at a salon, and i'm involved with the local theater company (stage makeup and hair!) i have a lot going on, but i'd still like to blog sometimes.

anybody still out there?