Sunday, April 19, 2009

product toss....zoe flat iron

in a moment of weakness, i caved and went with a cheaper option. i should have known better with a hair tool-cheaper usually isn't better when it comes to flat irons!

i had a 2 inch ceramic Conair flat iron that i promised to someone when i upgraded to a tourmaline flat iron. tourmaline gets hotter and delivers better results quicker, with less damage to the hair. ceramic was the rage before they discovered tourmaline.

what i ended up with was a 1 inch Zoe flat iron from Ulta. bad choice. i miss my old one, even though it wasn't tourmaline. i may beg for it back.

the Zoe flatiron takes forever to get through my hair (though the downgrade from 2 inches to 1 is probably playing a part in that). it also pulls my hair.

the best flatiron i've ever used was a Sedu. it was quick and left my hair stick-straight and crazy silky. you can read great reviews on tons of hair tools, including Sedu flatirons, at .

i guess my quest for a flat iron that rocks my world continues.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

product nails!

there is nothing that perks up a girl's spirits like a manicure.

unfortunately, with the economy these days, little splurges like that can creep to the bottom of the priority list.

so you can't afford to hit the nail salon every 2-3 weeks and get a mani or have your nails filled? you may have crossed the idea of doing them yourself off the list.

i feel your pain. i learned my lesson about fake nails many years ago, back in junior high. the nail didn't fit my actual nail bed, they didn't stay on, and it was a train wreck just trying to apply them. they made me look like trailer park barbie!

hear me out-give Broadway Nails a shot. their "real life" nails look as good as any acrylics from the salon (without the tell-tale fill line!), they don't chip, they are easy to apply, and here is the best part-they stay put!! i promise. i'm hard on nails. i tap, i type, i open cans.

though they don't stay on endlessly, they will stay on for almost a week or more. for around $7.00 a pack, you can't beat it!

nobody has to know that you did them yourself.....