Sunday, April 19, 2009

product toss....zoe flat iron

in a moment of weakness, i caved and went with a cheaper option. i should have known better with a hair tool-cheaper usually isn't better when it comes to flat irons!

i had a 2 inch ceramic Conair flat iron that i promised to someone when i upgraded to a tourmaline flat iron. tourmaline gets hotter and delivers better results quicker, with less damage to the hair. ceramic was the rage before they discovered tourmaline.

what i ended up with was a 1 inch Zoe flat iron from Ulta. bad choice. i miss my old one, even though it wasn't tourmaline. i may beg for it back.

the Zoe flatiron takes forever to get through my hair (though the downgrade from 2 inches to 1 is probably playing a part in that). it also pulls my hair.

the best flatiron i've ever used was a Sedu. it was quick and left my hair stick-straight and crazy silky. you can read great reviews on tons of hair tools, including Sedu flatirons, at .

i guess my quest for a flat iron that rocks my world continues.....


Kyl said...

Too bad you don't like the mini Zoe! I picked one up for travel and I think it works great. But, my hair is fairly fine and too unruly, so maybe that's the difference. good luck on your quest...

Cynthia said...

I have BIG Farah Fawcett type hair (R.I.P.) when I style with blow dry only. My hair is also lifted several shades of blonde so I have to be careful not to damage my hair with too much heat.

I love this product-

The Solano Sapphire Collection Flat Iron (2 1/4"). I paid $150.00 at an expensive coiffure/salon over ten years age. They are much less direct- $89.00 with free shipping!!
Additional good news:
1. the removable comb on one side of the iron keeps things in line and passing through the iron as they should. (thought i would not like the comb but love it)
2. By accident a few years ago I left my iron on for two days. --no problem-- iron works perfectly
3. my hair color is lifted several shades therefore heat can easily cause damage. Since I started using the iron as my primary styling tool years ago- the condition of my hair has greatly improved because I do not use nearly as much heat on my hair as when I'm trying to style with a blow dryer and brush.
4. Last but not least- I've owned the same iron - for over 10 years.... and it still to this day- works like a charm.

Lovin my Solano Sapphire Iron!