Tuesday, April 27, 2010

spring cleaning

in my determination for a new look, it's time to clean house. or...clean makeup trunk.

i have a decent stash that i'm proud of. combine my evil shopping habit, my lust for cosmetics and the fact that i used to work at sephora, and you can start to understand what sort of monster had been created.

here's the problem-i hoard makeup.

i have makeup that i've picked out and purchased. however, i also have a ton of "free gift with purchase" and "gratis" items. some of it is really good stuff that you might pay a pretty penny for, so it's hard to part with. i talk myself into keeping it.

lots of foundations that are now too dark? oh, i could use those to sculpt cheekbones!

lipstick that's too dark or frosty? i could always mix it with another one to create a new color, or dilute it with a gloss!

to be honest, not everything i've kept suits me. i look best in things with cool undertones, and i've outgrown a lot of my products that have tons of glitter (my nightclub days are behind me).

i know there are websites where people trade makeup....but more than likely i'll just give it to some of my friends who are always complimenting me on mine. it will be good for my karma. maybe someone will give me some new makeup to fill the gaps from what i sorted out!

that doesn't really help me clean out my makeup case, does it?