Thursday, September 24, 2009

spray on that marital glow!

i'm getting married in 9 days.

i didn't picture it going exactly this way in all my girlhood dreams. i'm definitely not the size i'd like to be as a bride (that's what happens when you get pregnant-no dieting!), and i'm a pale, pale girl.

i had almost come to terms with the paleness, except one day over the summer i got into my mother-in-law's pool and returned with some VERY noticeable stripes from my bathing suit. my dress won't be able to cover these, and i know they'll show up in the pictures.

i'm considering a salon spray tan....maybe. not to look like a malibu bride, but to simply even out. however, i've heard that the tan can look orange if you are pale to begin with. i'm a little nervous, but something has to be done, and i don't trust self-tanner in this situation. or maybe it's me i don't trust.

i also plan on doing it a few days before the wedding so that i can remedy the situation if need be.

my other dilemma: my hawaiian honeymoon and this spray tan. i've heard it doesn't hold up well under salt water. nothing says glowing newlywed like a streaky pregnant lady on the beach!!


kateo_on_tour said...

Hi I would recommend Tuscan Tan if you can find a salon that uses it... the colour is great for lighter skin tones. I have my own tanning business and it's the best colour by far (and I've tried alot). The colour is a very natural light brown (NOT orange at all on lighter skin tones). It also lasts well and fades evenly - if you look after it!

Kyl said...

Blog about your wedding makeup!

Angie said...

congrats! :) i love your header picture