Tuesday, May 24, 2011

too chicken to go green??

having a baby makes you think about your future. it occured to me that maybe there were some steps i could take to make my life better and longer, and maybe some of that had to do with the products i use!

before you roll your eyes, i'm not a tree hugger. maybe it will make me sound like a jerk, but this wasn't about the environment. it was about me! i already knew that a lot of what i was using had a lot of chemicals in it. i also knew that there is an increasing amount of products out there that were catering to people like me, with a new awareness of what we are smearing on ourselves. many companies are developing cosmetics that are more natural or even organic, in a market where the pickings used to be very slim. the more natural products always had strange textures and smells, and usually cost more.

i was ready to start my new, greener path. still, i already knew that i couldn't switch everything. i wanted to change my beauty regime, but there are some products i'm not ready to give up. my mascara, for instance. for me, nothing will ever top my beloved Diorshow Blackout (unless it's another improved Dior product!)i'm also pretty attached to my hair products. having curly hair, it's difficult to find that perfect combination that gives the results i want. my eyeshadow primer will always be Urban Decay-nothing makes my makeup stay put like their Primer Potion.

so, i made a list of products i'd be willing to switch. on it, i ended up with:

-body lotion
-body wash
-lip gloss (maybe)

of course, this isn't every product i use on my face and body. would it even make an impact to switch only some of what i use to more organic products? would the fuzzy feeling of doing something good for myself only be in my head? is a switchover an all or nothing deal??

i discovered quickly that labels are SO deceiving. not everything that advertises itself as healthy and natural for your skin is telling the truth. even products with some natural elements can have a lot of chemicals in them.

the longer i debated, the more hesitant i was. i want to put better things on my skin...but there are so many cosmetics to love. could i really give that up?

i've decided to use up what i have. it just doesn't make sense to go guy all new products when i have money invested in so many items now. when the time comes to replace the items, then i'll check out the options for more organic cosmetics.

maybe i'm just not strong enough to go organic. i see a makeup counter gleaming with vibrant colors and glittery textures, and i can't stop myself. i'm trying to be more aware....but it's hard!!


Lipstick on the Mug said...

You should try Lush products...

bonita bon bons said...

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