Thursday, November 20, 2008

product test drive.....L'Oreal Feria Color Moisturizing Treatment

if you've ever box-colored your hair, you know the best part is the conditioner.

it's the icing on the cake. your hair becomes silky and soft. i always thought, why don't they bottle this and sell it? i had heard that people would contact the hair color manufacturers simply looking for tubes of the conditioner.

guess what? someone does sell it in big bottles!

at Sally Beauty, you can buy a tube of L'Oreal Feria Color Moisturizing Treatment. you can have that silky feeling every single time you condition, and not just after you color! it will make your hair super-touchable even if you don't color your's just so moisturizing! a co-worker of mine, who recently graduated from a Paul Mitchell Hair Academy, swears by this conditioner (don't tell Paul...he might get mad).

one downfall-it smells average. not unpleasant, but not yummy. still, it's entirely worth it for the after-effects. it feels like you are pampering yourself just by washing your hair, and you'll notice how different your hair feels as soon as you put it on.

as L'Oreal would tell're worth it. and this conditioner is worth it!

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