Thursday, December 11, 2008

have a glossy christmas

the holidays are the very best time to stock up. yes, there are sales and limited-edition products. but the very best part (at least to me) are the gift sets!

i love sets for three reasons. one, it gives you a variety of products that you can created several looks from. two, i'm obsessed with tiny products. three, if you are going the economic route, you can bust the set apart and use them as gifts for several people or as stocking stuffers.

i'll try to do a few blogs based on the sets that are calling my name this christmas, but i'll start with a buffet of my favorite type of set-lip gloss!!

Mirror Mirror gloss from Two-Faced. tastes and smells great, not sticky, and super shiny!

Kat Von D's glosses come in great colors, but most appealing is "stormy", which looks black but goes on a dark silver. it would be gorgeous over a plum lipstick!

Lorac's mini Mocktail set is very glittery and smells just like the drinks each gloss is named after. plus, each tiny gloss has a mirror on the side so you can admire your lips!

NARS, gorgeous and pigmented as always.

ten glosses for less than 25.00? sign me up!!

i love smashbox. i especially like their nude neutral glosses!

stila's mini glosses have their trademark brush so you can glaze to your heart's content.

all of these gorgeous, portable gloss sets are available at buy them for yourself or for somebody else who loves a lacquered lip!

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