Wednesday, December 31, 2008

makin' me over (and over, and over)

in rolls the new year. and with it, our resolve to make ourselves over.

we want new, better bodies. we want a fresh hairstyle. we want to reinvent our signature style and develop a wardrobe that makes our physique look like a supermodel and accessories that give the illusion of luxury.

or is that just me?

for the past couple of years, i have become increasingly aware that i need to constantly reinvent my personal style. not becoming an entirely new person, mind you, but making sure that i'm in fashion and age-appropriate while still feeling like "me".

i love glitter and bright colors...but those trends have an expiration date. even on legendary pop stars, they can look ridiculous after a certain point. i don't want to be an old lady donning baby barrettes and defending myself with "you're only as old as you feel". trying to look a lot younger than you are actually ages you, and i don't want to be a "don't". there are lots of classy people of all age groups that prove you don't have to dress frumpy just because you aren't in your twenties.

my goal is to find a style icon. i'm going to pick a celebrity (or two) that has a fashion sense that i admire and i'm going to incorporate it into my closet.

for myself, i think simple is better. i'd rather have a very basic, well-fitting wardrobe and keep in season with trendy accessories. i gravitate towards neutrals (black, gray and tan). you can add almost any accessory to that. the style i would like to develop will be modern and edgy, with a feminine twist. i like a little bit of rock and roll with my minimalism.

i've been trying to make this transition a reality for awhile...what stops me is the work involved. i'd have to trim down my closet (ew!) and purchase some new things (yay!). i'd have to bid a permanent goodbye to some things i've never worn that don't suit me anymore. i guess if they'd have suited me to begin with i would have worn them. being realistically harsh with what to toss and what to keep vexes me, because i tell myself i'll wear it "eventually".

honestly, i probably need to be that harsh in other areas besides my closet. i need to par down LOTS of things.

so my quest is on. i'll let you know as soon as i find a style match. perhaps you are doing some makeovers on your own? let me know!

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