Thursday, January 1, 2009

product lust......Clarisonic

some of the best ways to find a new product is to let someone else try it out for you, especially if it's pricey!

let's face trendy tools and products come out everyday, all proclaiming to be life-changing. and few of the lot actually are.

when i find out about a product's amazingness on accident, when it's not from a rep from the company or from some advertisement, i find that opinion much more reliable. that's how i found out about Clarisonic.

in short? it's a skin-care brush that spins against your face. in sephora terms, it's this: "From the creators of the Sonicare® toothbrush comes Clarisonic® skin care. Sonic technology first changed the way we clean our teeth, it's now changing how we cleanse our skin. The sonic frequency moves Clarisonic's soft, gentle brush back and forth at more than 300 times per second. The sonic micro-massage clears your pores, loosening dirt, makeup and oil. Clarisonic® is proven to remove more dirt (sebum and makeup) than traditional, superficial cleansing, allowing your serums and moisturizers to absorb better. Skin is left soft and pampered without harsh abrasion or chemicals. Clarisonic reduces dry skin patches, oily areas and blemishes and removes 6X more makeup. Pore size, fine lines, and wrinkles appear smaller".

$195.00 sounds totally steep. for that price, couldn't you just buy a brush and move it in really fast circles all over your face? i'm less appalled by price if the thing actually works. here's why i believe that it does: more than once, while i've been giving a consultation to a client and noticed that they had great skin, they told me they were using Clarisonic. they raved about how it made their skin look and feel and weren't sorry AT ALL for the price they paid (i was crass enough to ask).

i want one of these. it's not just cleansing and makeup's diminishing fine lines and pores. the price is hard to ignore, but if you read the online reviews, these customers are so satisfied. i want one so that i can be satisfied too!!!

i haven't received confirmation yet, but i hear some Dillard's carry this item. and i have a Dillard's card. hmmm........

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sweet67 said...

I've also heard great reviews on this product but it's way too pricey for me. But, I'm considering purchasing one in the future. I think it's one product that's worth investing on.