Friday, January 30, 2009

relationships are bad for your face!

though i've griped about my cosmetic laziness before, my progress isn't going as well as i'd like.

my beauty routines are still taking a back seat. i can't really explain why. i used to NEVER go out without makeup on. i would never even think about skipping night cream before bed. normally, i was always preened and pruned and coifed and polished.

since becoming someone's girlfriend, i've really been slacking. i don't slack on my weekend job, of course. people literally buy things off of your face there, so it's unthinkable to not have your face done.

i haven't forgotten how to do it. i just don't do it as much anymore. i'll catch a glimpse of myself throughout the day and think, "oh, i wish i'd put on some concealer" or "i look so tired, i need some blush!"

i need to push myself to look better. i can't let the fact that my boyfriend thinks i look beautiful when i first wake up keep me from looking good in public. if i get lazy, my skin will suffer. i'll look bad in all the pictures i'm in. and i want to be proud of the way i look, like i used to.

call it the glamourista's beauty rut. i gotta grab my sephora #14 smudge brush and dig myself back out!

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