Tuesday, January 27, 2009

product lust....Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain

you probably already know about my lust for lipstain. this lazy glamourista has a love/hate relationship with lipcolor...it's need to be re-applied is frustrating. lipstain gives me low maintenance color.

my fave lipstain is Bourjois. however, sephora discontinued it and ulta doesn't carry it. i liked it because it went on like a felt tip marker, which gives you much more precision than a sponge would (like Urban Decay) or a roll-on (Lorac) or a brush (Stila). put some shiny gloss on top, and you have a unique lip look. i get more compliments when i do that than any other product i put on my lips.

i am ecstatic that Cover Girl heard my plea and released a lipstain worth my while. It has the same felt tip application, and it comes in ten shades!

like other lipstains, you will need to exfoliate your lips (easily done with a toothbrush) before you apply, otherwise it won't go on evenly.

i cannot wait to try this stuff!

Have you tried it?

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