Wednesday, January 28, 2009

wedding hairstyle!

the glamourista is getting married!

and this beauty blog is the perfect place to rack my sequined brain and concoct my perfect look for that special day. don't worry, i'll still be reviewing products and lusting after things that sparkle. i'll just be throwing a lot of wedding items into the mix for the next several months.

so far, i've chosen my bridal party (4 bridesmaids and 1 junior bridesmaid), the ceremony site, the reception site, my colors (mostly white and a little black), bridesmaids dresses (they are actually choosing their own-anything long and black).

when it comes to myself, though, i'm a little overwhelmed. i thought making decisions about my own look would be easy. not so!

today's hairstyle!

i want a veil on top of my head. some places call it a fountain veil, or a bouffant veil, and even some bubble veils fit my description. i want to add height. i'm leaning towards a half-up/half down hairstyle, but there are a LOT of stunning updo's to choose from too!

half-up/half down works well with my naturally curly hair, but so would a messy updo. i also don't want any hair showing between the tiara/headband/headpiece and the veil, i.e. the veil looks like it comes from underneath a cascade of curls.

here are some pics of things that i like....

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