Tuesday, January 13, 2009

head and shoulders for toes and soles?

we all know there are a zillion web pages out there with home remedies for this or that, based on products you probably already have in your house.

a lady at work told me that head and shoulders (the dandruff shampoo) will give you soft feet. if you use in the shower and scrub your feet with that product and a wash cloth, she swears it makes her biscuit heels super soft after about 2 weeks. another guy i work with swears by it, too. he's brave enough to put in on his feet and sleep with it on. according to him, the skin easily sloughs off in the morning.

those things aren't recommended uses for head and shoulders, and i'm sure the company would never advertise such practices. call me a daredevil...i'm gonna try it!

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Charlie said...

how did this work out?