Sunday, January 4, 2009

product crush.......Pore Effect

try as we might, we will never be able to create an absolutely truly smooth face. we have products that work like industrial spackle that only give the illusion of what we really want.

it's those pores that are the problem!! they get gunk in them, they get infected, they stare our from our face sometimes like caverns (ew).

there is no miracle product that will make your pores go away. it doesn't matter what it claims to do, that's just not a realistic expectation. but what can a product do? clear out a pore and make it appear smaller, thus making your skin look smoother. the pores won't be gone, but if you get out all the junk that makes pores more visible, your face will look better.

a product i've recently discovered is Dr. Brandt's Pore Effect, a clarifying cream with salicylic acid that "penetrates follicles to clear acne, tighten pores, normalize oil production, stimulates cellular turnover, and calms redness and irritation". i'm converted!

the Pros: it's as effective as any mattifier that i've ever used in the way that it stalls oil production. also, a little goes a long way. you won't even need a separate moisturizer when you use this because it has enough hydration.

the Cons: it's super thick. because of the tea tree oil, it has a medicinal smell.

just to be safe i sometimes use Smashbox Anti-Shine on top of it, but i really don't need to. putting this product on before my foundation makes my skin shine-free for hours, and i have noticed my skin looking clearer, too!

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