Saturday, January 10, 2009

product test drive....too faced smurfette collection

leave it to too-faced to come out with a line honoring our favorite little blue cartoons. contrary to what you might think, they are not designed to turn you blue like their heroine, but rather make you "smurfy".

first, we'll start with the windows to the smurfy soul. too-faced has an eyeshadow palette and glitter eyeliners, all designed to make your peepers pop.

the shadows are actually very pretty. the So-Smurfy Eyeshadow Collection is quad of two neutrals, one blue and one pink, all easily worn separately or together. as expected, the colors are glittery. despite the versatility, i think you can pass it up for it's price of $32.50. the smurfy-eyed liner is just like the other available too-faced glitter liner shades, with the smurfy colors being bright blue and opalescent white glitter, and priced the same at $17.50.

the Mood Swing Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss is a take on their already existing Mood Gloss. it will alarm you at first application, since it comes out blue and glittery. however, it quickly changes to a rather boisterous pink. my lips were the brightest i'd ever seen them, but apparently still flattering (i got a few compliments). this is no indication of what it will do to anyone else, since each person's lips product a different shade. it also tastes and smells like blueberry, which is fun!

the So Smurfy Illumination Face Powder is probably the worst part of the collection. it's concept is right-to color correct and highlight. however, on even the palest person, it shows up white. kinda like an alien, or one of those ethereal advertisements where the women look all pale and shiny. to get any use out of it, it would have to be used sparingly. wierdly, it's getting great reviews on, but i've seen it in action and it's a little odd.

the verdict? over-priced trendy collection with no must-haves. the only thing i may purchase would be the gloss.

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