Thursday, February 19, 2009

love/hate feelings for smashbox halo

i kept hearing great things about Smashbox's Halo Hydrating Powder. curiosity got the better of me, and i had to try it for myself.

i was a bit leery because the name, "hydrating", implies that it might not be the best option for the oily-skinned. i was prepared for this to further slickify my face.

i have good news and bad news about this product.

the good news is that this stuff, for the most part, rocks. it makes my skin flawless, and it keeps shine at bay for hours. even without a mattifying primer, my skin never looks oily. it stays put all day, too. i like it better that UD's Surreal Skin and Bare Escentuals.

the containter is fun and portable, which is quite a feat when it comes to loose powder. this is actually just a pressed powder with it's top layer shaved off, thus created a loose powder.

the bad news is that is costs $59. that's a mighty expensive habit. also, it may turn people off who buy things based on how it feels on the skin. while it looks great, it makes my face feel waxy. it didn't cause breakouts, though.

tried this? do you share my mixed emotions?

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