Wednesday, March 18, 2009

product test drive.....Johnson's Baby Oil Body Wash

sorry i've been away, readers. i moved to a totally new state!

but i'm trying to get things back to normal....and part of that includes trying new products!

i've got dozens of shower gels. Victoria's Secret, Philosophy, Bath and Body Works. i should shower three times a day...i have enough to last me for years! still, sometimes i can't resist the urge to buy just one more. the attraction is usually the scent or the other benefits that it can offer. in this case, VERY soft, moisturized skin!

if you didn't have your body rubbed down with Johnson & Johnson products when you were a baby, i'm certain you've at least heard of them. they do a great job of making sure that baby's delicate skin stays soft, and they finally caught on adults want soft skin too.

Johnson's Baby Oil Body Wash is about as pampering as it gets. not only does it smell amazingly soft and clean (not like a nursery), but it leaves your skin silky. it promises that you'll keep the softness for 24 hours. it's tempting to leave my other gels behind, since none of them give me that kind of hydration. i love the way my skin feels and smells when i step out of the shower. it's also great to shave with!

you don't even have to hit the mall to find a great shower gel...just go to your local pharmacy or even Wal-mart and stock up on this stuff!

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The Goddess said...

I bought this product and completely loved it only to find that after being sent by Johnson's to 11 different stores that it was discontinued. If you know where I can find it I'll buy 10 of them today!