Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the glamourista should be put in time out

i keep telling myself that it could happen to the best of us. since july, i have been a very, very bad glamourista. i've committed the most heinous of beauty crimes-i've been lazy.

it's not a good excuse, but a new relationship has put my head into the clouds and put a kink in my beauty routine. i lacked the motivation to kick start it again. my grooming rituals have been replaced with talking to and texting him, or catching up on sleep i've missed because i've been talking to or texting him. even worse, i've reverted (on some days) to actually look slovenly, and that's not acceptable at all!!

this isn't how i thought i'd behave when i had finally ensnared a worthy suitor. i thought for sure that it would kick me into overdrive, and i'd be a constantly breathtaking creation that was always in process of impressing her man. i'd promised myself that i'd maintain, or even over-maintain.

i haven't had my hair done since july. my roots creep down my head as a disappointing reminder that i wasn't naturally born with those blonde streaks. my fingers and toes that were once weekly habits now glare at me, chipped and in need of some VERY potent lotion. i can't believe i'm admitting this, but i've been going to bed with my makeup on. and my legs aren't as frequently shaved as they ought to be.

i don't like to see me like this. i don't want HIM to see me like this, either (he's long distance, so i try to fool him when i do see him).

this fresh relationship is great for my heart, but terrible for my outward appearance and my blogging. my interest in beauty products hasn't waned (nor has my nasty habit of collecting them)...it's the investment of time and use that seems to struggle.

i think enough is enough.

i didn't get this way overnight, so i can't fix it overnight. i'm taking baby steps to return to the glamourista you knew and loved three months ago...and i'm starting with box coloring (gasp!!) my hair tonight. i'll let you know how that goes.

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