Thursday, October 9, 2008

product crush...benefit erase paste

not all of us are blessed to wake up looking well-rested. it takes vitamins and a good concealer!

i didn't seek out Erase Paste because i was unhappy with my other concealer. my old one was doing it's job...basically even out the dark circles. little did i know that there was a concealer out there that would not only conceal, but brighten as well!

i admit, in the tiny jar, it looks scary. it's undeniably pink. furthermore, it's obscenely thick. the upside to that is that you only need a tiny bit at a time, and a jar will last you until you are eighty.

you shouldn't use this on your blemishes, because it brightens. keep your other concealer around for that! you want to conceal your zits so that they are barely noticeable, not put a product on them that makes the light reflect nicely off of them.

erase paste is the ultimate smoke-and-mirrors for your face actually looks lifted when my dark circles disappear.

this is definitely a must-have!!

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