Saturday, October 25, 2008

product lust......floral fragrances!

i wish i could explain it, but it's a phenomenon that has taken me by complete surprise. out of all the fragrances that i love, very few are florals. i've never much been a floral girl. i was always a spicy/musky/herby/sweet skin scent and sometimes citrus gal.

imagine my surprise that the fragrances that i've been lusting and crushing after lately are ALL floral. i'm having an out-of-body experience!

loving Stella was a surprise. there's something so unapologetically feminine about it. i wouldn't call it proper, because there's a hidden amber note in there that promises mischief in foggy whispers. Stella is my go-to flirty/clubbing/date scent. it makes me feel girly, yet mysterious. the notes are: rose, peony flower, mandarin, rose absolute, and amber. i love this fragrance so much that i also nabbed some Stella Rose Absolute, which is a more potent rose scent.

Versace is the designer's signature scent, and it's powerful. not because it's strong, but that it's overwhelmingly pleasant. this is how i wish Kenzo Parfum D'Ete smelled on me, but it turns too green on me. What i love about this fragrance on me is that is doesn't seem to change, no matter how long i wear it. i love it when i first put it on, and i'm loving it for the same reasons eight hours later. this fragrance is, literally, happy. wearing it makes me smile. it's hard to pick out a single floral, but they all work together so well. the notes are: Living Dew Drops, Icy Black Currant, Purple Wisteria, White Lilac, Lotus Flower, Living Orchid, Angel White Jasmine, White Lights Azalea, Snowbird Azalea, Musks, Cedar, Cashmirwood, Amberwoods.

then there's Prada Infusion D'Iris. i didn't like the other Prada's. This one is breathtaking in a good way. It's soft and ladylike, and so proper i'd almost feel blasphemous wearing it. it's not stuffy, but it's very composed. This is a fantastic wedding fragrance, or any other occasion where you want to smell universally appropriate. it doesn't make you common. if anything, you'd get applauded for having amazing taste. says it contains Iris Padilla and Sicilian Mandarin. even the bottle is elegant!

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