Monday, August 18, 2008

product crush.......Gendarme Sky

my quest for new and interesting perfume never ends.

i'm finding that having a significant other might tinker with my perfume selection. there are some things that he's not crazy about, though he hasn't nixed anything yet that's broken my heart. then again, i haven't let him smell those, because i'm scared!

i was in Sephora the other day and i smelled something that was very pleasant. it was a clean smell...but not like a laundry or soap smell. i'm so over those! it was soft and fresh, and it was Gendarme Sky. it's advertised online as a feminine fragrance, but it was camping out in the men's fragrance section when i found it. i have no problem wearing a masculine fragrance....i wear Boss Pure and L'eauParKenzo pour Homme at work all the time. i guess i just need to snag myself a sample and see if it's boyfriend approved.

the notes are: sparkling bergamot, sweet lime, green lemon cardamom and cognac; mid-notes of Magnolia flower and Asian pepper oil and a dry down of warm woods and luxurious Spanish moss.

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