Tuesday, August 26, 2008

product crush.....mirror mirror gloss by two faced

i think a lot of people overlook Two-Faced, and i think it's the marketing. it definitely appeals to a younger crowd, because their packaging is, in a word, juvenile. however, if you can get past it, they really do have some great products.

i'm really excited about their Mirror Mirror Gloss. they have a bunch of fabulous, sheer color options that aren't sticky, and they are also scented with a fun burst of fragrance!

per sephora.com, "The deliciously-flavored colors are scented: Envy Me with currant, I Love Myself with grapefruit, I Know You Want Me with Apple, Damn I'm Hot! with Cherry, I'm Perfect with Banana, and Don't Hate Me with Strawberry".

i've been wearing "I'm Perfect" (sheer beige) over Naked by Urban Decay, and i've also tried "Damn, I'm Hot" (sheer red) and "Envy Me" (sheer currant). they are all long-lasting and very shiny, and the scents are a really nice touch!

i almost prefer "I'm Perfect" to the "Girls on Film" Glamour Gloss, simply for the shine. "Envy Me" helps create a look similar to Smashbox's Wicked/Lovely dark lips when paired with Urban's Rockstar liner (made for eyes, but fun for eggplant lips, too!) and their Apocalypse (blackberry/sheer cream) lipstick. then again, i'm prone to a good cocktail.

try these lipglosses-they'll put a little perk in your pout!

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