Tuesday, August 26, 2008

product test drive......Ralph Lauren's Notorious

i contacted a rep at L'Oreal regarding the release of Ralph Lauren's new fragrance, Notorious. though the initial try-out offer was over, she used to be from Cincinnati, and in the spirit of good neighbors, i received a 1.7 bottle in the mail today! i thought i would simply be getting a sample, not an entire bottle, but it made my day.

Notorious is a cuddling sort of smell. it's not overpowering and doesn't flirt with you from across the room...it simply brushes up against you and makes you want to inhale. it's sweet but not sticky, warm but not suffocating. i think it's misnamed, because it's title implies that it has an element of danger. this fragrance isn't dangerous, and i wouldn't even classify it as sultry or seductive. it is sexy in a comfortable way.

the notes swear that there is a chocolate element in it, as so many gourmand-y fragrances profess, but i don't smell it. i like the vagueness of the patchouli because it matures the other sugary notes.

it's breatheable, pleasant, and would be great for a first date or a romantic evening at home. i'll have to try this one out on Prince Charming!

the notes are: chocolate cosmos ("a decadent, chocolate-scented burgundy flower exclusive to Ralph Lauren Fragrances"; black currant, pink peppercorn, bergamot, white frost peonies, carnation, patchouli musk, vanilla and iris.

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Glossy said...

And how gorgeous is that ad? I love Laetitia Casta!