Wednesday, July 16, 2008

product toss......Cargo Texas Lash

my current quest is to find a mascara to rave about that my part-time job actually sells. sadly, that doesn't include my favorite, Diorshow Blackout. if i'm telling a customer about what mascara i've used and liked, i need to be able to sell it to them!

Cargo's Texas Lash isn't the first to use the concept of forming tubes around the lashes, thus creating visual volume. Too-Faced Lash Injection does the same thing.

i don't mind the brush-it's fat and has a lot of bristles, much like my favorite. however, the formula gets a little clumpy on my lashes the more you apply (i'm a lash builder...i like to keep recoating!). it also flakes a bit.

the worst part is the getting the stuff OFF your lashes. even if you saturate with waterproof remover and swipe down, you still get little black pieces all over your face. you can actually see portions of the little lash-tubes. my friend Beauty Queen swears that it is also taking real lashes with it, and i don't want to take that risk!

here are a couple of pics of my experience with Texas Lash...

this one isn't a keeper in my book. next!

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