Sunday, July 6, 2008

product lust......Sally Girl polishes!

so many nail polishes, so little time.

when i go to choose a polish, there are certain brands i normally go to (OPI, Essie, etc). and, i usually find more than one that i want. however, it can hurt your wallet pretty quickly dropping 6-8 bucks per bottle just because you want a fun color for the month of july, or because you want to hop on the latest trend wagon.

while browsing at my local Sally Beauty Supply today, i stumbled across a display of tiny bottles by the register. They are called Sally Girl, and they are the perfect way to get your new polish color fix! at just $.99 a pop, you can stock up and try as many as your heart desires. they have 56 fun shades.

it gave me the courage to break out of my mold and try a tangerine metallic called "Hottie"...and i love it! they have a great selection of colors, both classic and trendy, bright, light and dark. there's something for everyone in this collection, and it's totally portable!

check it out!

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