Saturday, July 12, 2008

product lust.........Too Faced Lip Injection (OUCH)

ready to suffer for beauty? slather your lips with Too Faced Lip Injection!

in case you don't know, what makes most lip plumpers work is that they contain a variety of chemicals that irritate your lips on purpose, thus causing them to become more flushed and a bit swollen. they range from uncomfortable to painful, and this one has been the most painful that i've tried.

..and i still don't hate it. yes, i am insane.

you notice the tingling immediately. from there, it escalates and for the next 5-10 minutes and it's hard to concentrate on anything but your aching lips. end result? a shiny, full pout, if you can handle it that long. the pain does go away, i promise!

it comes in clear and four nice colors that work well alone or compliment stain or lipstick nicely.

i plan on trying Lip Injection Extreme (which is a terrifying step up from plain old Lip Injection!!) very soon. i have to mentally prepare myself for the inevitable anguish..........

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