Wednesday, July 9, 2008

urban decay primer potion rocks my world again!!!

just when i thought i couldn't heart Urban Decay Primer Potion any more.....i discover that it multitasks.

i wouldn't lie to you.

think about it. on your eyes, it keeps oil at bay and makes your product stick. so, logically, there are other places on your face that could use that kind of staying power.

like your lips! yes, put UDPP as a lip base and your bold/bright lipsticks stay a lot longer. i admit that i got that idea from somebody else, but this next one is all mine. i may be making history right here on this blog, because....

it works as an awesome mattifier! i put a thin layer on my t-zone and i stayed shine free! i purposely didn't use much because it's color is lighter than my skin tone and i didn't want to have a big, bright T in the middle of my face. but it virtually disappeared and did an awesome job of keeping my shine away for hours.

try these tricks and see if they impress you as much as they did me!

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