Saturday, June 14, 2008

early summer product lust....there are so many!!!

ah, so many products i'd like to test drive this summer, and so little time (and....sadly...fundage). but, here are some things that i'm lusting after at the moment.

for my nails:
~Essie Night Fever (found: the perfect 1950's red with glitter in it-hooray!!)
~Essie Party Girl collection
~Essie Smoothies collection
~Lippman Collection in Sarah Smile (thanks, kyl)

perfume (like i need more, but you and i both know it will happen!):
~Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy. i've had my nose on this for two years. i should just break down and buy it.
~Ferragamo Encanto Shine

~Stila Convertible Color, though i'm undecided on which color.

~Cargo blu-ray High Definition Mattifier
~Too-Faced Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder
~Sephora Make-up Artist Brush Belt Set. well, it's ONLY $275.00!!

~Urban Decay Big Fatty Colored Mascara in black cherry and purple haze
~Talika Eyelash Lipocils. i want to know if it really does make your eyelashes grow!

bath and body stuff:
~Carol's Daughter Ecstasy Collection. i actually haven't smelled this, but i totally want to.

have you tried any of these? are you in love? did you waste your money?

1 comment:

Kyl said...

What a great list!

I have the stila convertible color in peony. I'm not a big one for cream blush so I don't use it that much, but it is a great 2:1 product for easy, light travel. I think the gerbera and lillium look like good colors to try (although they are sold out online!). I don't think the swatches on the stila website are true to life so def check them out in the store.

good luck!