Monday, June 2, 2008

VIP found on vacation...MAC Viva Glam V!!

until last week, i had only admired MAC products from afar. i had heard they might change my life, and i just figured i'd get around to them eventually. what better time than vacation?

i headed to the MAC display at macy's, unsure of what i wanted to make my first purchase. without doubt, they had an amazing color selection. then it occured to me that MAC might be able to one of my most frustrating cosmetic quests-the quest for the perfect nearly-nude lip.

i played it cool, and waited for the salesgirl to approach. when i posed my question, she didn't even miss a beat and pointed out five colors that were their most popular nude lip selections!

the right nude lip has eluded me for a long time. you can end up looking muddy, or corpse-like, or just i've got a few things that come close, but what i wanted was a colored gloss with a bit of shine. even better if i didn't have to line to lips first.

MAC Lipglass in Viva Glam V skyrocketed onto my VIP list with the first wear.

it's a nude pink with very fine gold shimmer, and it is magnificent. perfect with a smokey eye, perfect with ANY look. it doesn't taste bad and lasts a long time. i have the biggest crush on this stuff! my only two complaints are that it's not available in longwear and that it doesn't come in a bigger tube (my tube may not last me a month, at the rate i'm going!). it comes in a lipstick form as well.

this product single-handedly just made me a MAC devotee.

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