Sunday, June 15, 2008

product crush......kenzo vintage

i haven't been blown away by a fragrance in a while. i have purchased a few this year, and i like them, but i've been wanting to be completely enamoured by a scent.

at last, my love has come along.

Kenzo Vintage is gorgeous. at first, i pegged it for a typical oriental, but i was so wrong. i smelled it on someone else and liked it, smelled it on the card, and then smelled it on me. i can't stop smelling my arm! there is no turning back now, because i absolutely adore it.

contradictory to my usual taste, it's unisex. normally, i'm not drawn to that genre of fragrance, but this one is so different. it's musky and sweet, light and modern. it doesn't scream femininity (as expected with a unisex scent), but it's definitely mysterious and provocative. you don't want to stop smelling it...because you're trying to figure it out and because it's pleasing.

the notes are: mandarin, tonka bean, heliotrope flower, cedar wood, musk, and vanilla.

i cannot wait to own this. it may make a lot of my other perfumes jealous!

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