Sunday, June 1, 2008

stuff to slather, scrub and shimmer...vacation finds, round 2

i had to put all my vacation finds in separate blogs. had i mushed them all together, it would be one LONG blog. so here's some of my body product haul....

i've had a crush on philosophy's variety of shower gel scents. particularly, senorita margarita, which i happily picked up along the way (the gel, not the scrub. that's still on my to-do list). then, i saw lemonade! i didn't realize they had that scent, but i was smitten at first sniff. i got the shower gel and body butter, but skipped the lip gloss.

after hearing all the hype about bath and body work's Hello Sugar! line, i had to see if it really was the lemon-meringue-pie-utopia that it claimed to be. they were out of the body wash, but i snagged the Moisturizing Body Meringue (which is like a mousse) and the Lemon Lip Gloss/Sugar Powder. the gloss puts a pretty golden sheen on your lips and has an acceptable taste. when you put the silvery sugar powder on top, it's even more sparkly. it can't hold a candle to Chanel Glossimer, but it's fun.

at BBW, i also picked up the Chocolate Amber body wash. the first time i smelled it, i thought it was wierd, and not in a good way. now, i'm thinking it might really smell good under my new Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume (see the previous blog on that and my other fragrance adventures from vacation).

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