Wednesday, May 21, 2008

back in black....eyeshadow

you don't have to be a goth girl or a punk rocker to have black eyeshadow in your arsenal. in fact, it can be one of the most versatile shadows you own!!

one of my faves is "the new black" by lancome. it's a black shadow with black glitter in it, and i've been able to use it in a million ways. there is, of course, the obvious have a dramatic, smokey evening eye.

but it's not just for a smokey look, and it's not just for evening. let your black eyeshadow see the light of day!

-it can be used as a liner. with your small, flat-bristled brush, you can make a thick or thin line, and it will smudge very nicely.

-it can be used to tone down a bright color! i have a blue-green eyeshadow that is practically neon. with a light sweeping of black shadow over it, it deepens into a
gorgeous teal. you can also do your whole lid in one shade and use black to contour your eye and create two or even three shades. it can create a marvelous "fading" effect that gets lighter as it approaches your brow bone.

-you get bragging rights by telling people you can successfully wear black eyeshadow to work, and that you DON'T work at hot topic.

blending is key with black eyeshadow. you can make it wearable for any place at any time!

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