Friday, May 9, 2008

the glamourista's guide to theclosestshaveever

this isn't a time-saver. however, you will be astonished at how close a shave you can actually get when you use the right tools.

you will need:
*a gritty, grainy exfoliator
*a new razor
*gillette fusion hydroglide shave gel
*a thick, good smellin' lotion

first, exfoliate. this is actually the most important step. i used to think that it was best to exfoliate afterward, but exfoliation removes dead skin cells. so, logically, it would also expose even more of a hair's length, would it not? this way, when you shave afterwards, you are shaving right down to the newly exposed layer of skin. exfoliating after you shave could cause some teeny hairs that were hiding to crop up right away. scrub your legs down!!

second, use your new razor and the shave gel. yes, it is a man's shave gel. it's completely unfair that men's shave products work better, but if you can lick 'em, join 'em. these products for men not only give a closer shave with less nicks, but also are better at preventing ingrowns and razor bumps. i rather enjoy their scent myself. the gillette products just impress me every time i use them.

third (and after drying off!), saturate your bald gams with some lotion to make them touchably soft. even you probably won't be able to stop touching your own legs, it will be that great of a shave.

this process works on any part of your body you want a better shave, not just the legs. here's to a stubble-free summer....