Sunday, May 18, 2008

product crush........Sterilite storage containers!!

sadly, not all gorgeous shoes come in boxes.

if you frequently buy at places like t.j. maxx, or you delight in discovering vintage shoes in antique stores and garage sales, there's a good chance they didn't come with a box.

i have a TON of shoes without boxes, and they sit in various piles at the bottom of my closet. it looked like a trainwreck, but i didn't really see the need to find containers for them.

...until yesterday. i bought 3 Sterilite 6-quart boxes at the grocery store, because they were only $2.99. i assumed that if i didn't end up using them for shoes i could surely use them for something (i like storage boxes). up til now, the biggest solution i had come up with was to pile the loose shoes in a box all together, but this is a much better way. this glamourista likes variety, but she doesn't have all the time in the world to hunt down a specific pair of shoes hiding in the recesses of her closet.

i may have created an obsession, because i plan on buying these now for all of my boxless shoes (i may have to buy in shifts, since i have so many pairs). not only are the shoes easier to store, but it protects them. these boxes fit even the bulkier and higher-heeled shoes. just by purchasing these boxes, i made my shoes more accessible and freed up my closet floor. probably for more shoes, but i don't mind ;).

(Sterilite boxes are available everywhere in every single size you can think of).

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