Sunday, May 18, 2008

pushy product consultants....ugh

you know what really irritates me? when you are talking to a product consultant about skin care and anti-aging and you ask about the performance of a certain product. to this they reply, "well, i use it, so what do you think?"

it doesn't matter if their skin looks good or bad, you can't tell them if you don't think that product really worked on them. maybe they looked like a 90-year-old woman before and now they look fifty, but....selling a product that was seems a little pushy. i don't like it.

i don't mind hearing someone talk about their experience with a product, but to make me look at their skin as if that's the selling point makes me squirmy. unless i specifically comment on the luminosity of your skin or the fact that your skin radiates wonderfulness, don't put me in that position.

i will not be using that strategy when i'm selling product, for the record.

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