Tuesday, May 6, 2008

product test drive...mall run!!

i was in a department store looking for a mother's day gift. what kind of glamourista would i be if i didn't stop by the fragrance counter and sniff a few things??

first, Lacoste Dream of Pink. the notes are: ice tea, red berries, lotus, rose, sandalwood and musk. it's definitely related to Touch of Pink, and although i have to give props for the ice tea note, it's not enough to make this fragrance memorable. it lacks depth, and to me, that makes a fragrance smell "thin". it sits on your skin pleasantly enough, but washing your hands with a nice soap will do the same thing. it's not a bad smell, it's just typical.

then, Sean John Unforgivable Woman Black. i don't make a secret of my loathing for celebrity fragrances. they are usually so predictable and on the neck of every teenage girl...blech. the notes of this fragrance are: piƱa colada, sheer jasmine, ylang ylang, bergamot, fresh apple skin, dewy white cyclamen petals, cassis, pomarose, iris, coconut milk and Seychelles coco de mer. i'm just glad it doesn't reek of overly ripe fruit. actually, i don't hate this one, and i think it settles into the skin nicely. i don't see it as a dressy fragrance, but would probably suit for a lazy evening indoors. it's warm and breatheable, pleasantly sweet and light but has good staying power. however, if i ever buy this, i don't think i'd admit it.

Bath and Body Works now has a way to roll your stress away-Instant Aromatherapy Stress Relief. as you might expect, it's heavy on the eucalyptus, but when it dries, it's a crisp, clean smell that i really liked. i can't say that my stress lessened, but i did smell good all through my chemistry test.

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