Sunday, May 4, 2008

double duty beauty when you're broke

i'm trying out lighter, sheerer looks for summer. this pic is really only noteworthy because the color on my lips (clinique long last soft shine lipstick in watermelon) is a color i'd never, ever choose. but i think i like it! anyway, back to the post at hand.....

there's nothing like new makeup and a new look to lift a girl's spirits.

but what if you don't have the funds?

look for new ways to use what you already have! it will be like you have a whole new cosmetic wardrobe!! for instance:

*your bronzer or blush can double as eyeshadow. this is especially pretty when it has shimmer in it. it makes a great browbone highlighter!

*your lipstick makes a good blush....but go sparingly with your reds. start minimally, and build. flushed cheeks are so pretty in warm weather!

*your eyeshadow can be eyeliner-just use a short-bristled angled brush. that's also a great way to introduce the trendy brights (and blues!) into your eye makeup. try it as a liner if you aren't ready to commit to your lid.

*lipstick can be gloss, if you put it over vaseline or a slick existing clear gloss. it makes it sheer, which can tone down a neon red, orange or pink lipstick and make it more wearable.

*brown eyeshadows and eyeliners can fill in your eyebrows.

*shimmery neutral eyeshadows can give your lipstick added shimmer, and it can also tone down a loud color. just make sure you apply it with something other than your eyeshadow applicator (like your finger!), because the next time you use that applicator, it might be kinda sticky. plus, you could end up with loud lipstick on your eyelid, and that's no good.

do you have any double duty tricks?

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Kyl said...

If you usually use an eye shadow dry, try dampening the brush first for a different, more intense look.