Friday, May 2, 2008

product crush.....burberry brit red

lately i've been exploring older scents, because none of the new releases have blown me away.

i have a respect for scents that intrigue me. i like a fragrance that makes a statement, but i also like when they aren't straightforward with their intent. i have this issue with tom ford's black orchid, but i also have this puzzlement with burberry brit red. it's a floral, but it's not. it's a gourmand, but it's not. it's a...flourmand? so many things about the notes of this fragrance surprise me. you never know what to expect when you smell it.

Top Notes:
Fresh jasmine (i whole-heartedly admit i don't care for jasmine AT ALL), Mandarin orange, Rhubarb (uh...what??)
Middle Notes:
Intense red rose (there's your floral), Gingerbread (who knew you could mix gingerbread with roses?!), Patchouli (i like a well done patchouli, it dirties things up and keeps them from being sickly sweet)
Base Notes:
Benzoin, Sandalwood (i'm a fan of the woodsy fragrances anyway), Vanilla bean

what ends up happening (on me, at least) is that is wears all day long and it's a spicy, sweet smell. and it changes on me throughout the day, so i'll smell something and think, "somebody or something smells good!" and realize that it's me.

to my knowledge, there isn't anything else out there that smells remotely like this, which totally feeds my desire not to smell like anybody else.

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Glossy said...

I cannot get enough Black Orchid and I go crazy for spicy florals! I've not yet smelled this one, but will be sure to check it out!