Tuesday, May 27, 2008

product crushes from the road!

you never know what you'll find on a roadtrip.

i'm on vacation, driving down the east coast, and i've run across a couple of items that i couldn't wait to tell you about.

-Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil. i love this stuff, from it's summery smell to it's unbelieveable moisturizing powers. if you are someone who hates greasy/slick creams, you won't like this. i don't mind it, and this one absorbs quickly anyway. it makes tanned legs look just like they are in a photoshoot, and it leaves your skin super soft.

-Styli-Style Flat Liner 24. i've never even heard of this brand. my smashbox jet set creme liner is drying out and i needed a long-lasting replacement, at least for the remainder of this trip. this intrigued me because it promised hours and hours of unbudging color. it delivered. the shape of the pencil is actually wide and flat, helping you get a better line. and, allegedly, it's self-sharpening. so far so good!

i found both of these at cvs.

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