Wednesday, May 7, 2008

beauty've been tagged!

i have a survey addiction. i get most of my relief on myspace, much to the angst of the people on my friends list. but i found this one and it's all about beauty products, so it's perfect for this blog! feel free to use it for yourself...consider yourself tagged!

My Foundation: Urban Decay Surreal Skin on top of Smashbox Primer Light or Benefit Dr. Feelgood

My Mascara: Diorshow Blackout and Clinique High Impact on top of Lancome Cils Booster

My Blush: i only actually own 2 blushes (though i use other things for blush that aren't classified as blush)...1 Sephora brand and 1 Lancome

My Eye Shadow: i own a LOT of eyeshadow, probably mostly from Lancome and Elizabeth Arden. i have a few from Victoria's Secret, Clinique, Smashbox, and Estee Lauder. i love NARS, Urbay Decay, and Two Faced, but i don't own any of them.

My Day Cream: Lancome High Resolution

My Lipstick: i wear much more gloss than lipstick, but Lancome Taffy is a fave

My Beauty Product Brand: sooo hard to choose. Lancome and Urban Decay, most recently. but that's subject to change!

My Essential Beauty Product: mascara...i look like a corpse without it

My Favorite Makeup Product: i feel most "done" when i have lipgloss on. lately i've been slicking Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips on top of everything.

My Perfume: impossible to pick a fave. i have over 30 at this point.

My Nails: OPI! currently i have WnW Denim Chrome on my toes and my fingers are naked, but that's rare.

My Feet: BBW Heel of Approval and the Kiss foot file

My Hands: Curel

Three Products to bring on a deserted island:
1) Lancome skin care, so i don't look like a leathery beast after leaving the island

2) Matrix Curl Life Spray Gel

3) a REALLY big bottle of perfume

Woman I Admire for their Beauty: Angelina Jolie, Leighton Meester, Drew Barrymore, Rachel Brice, Isla Fischer and Halle Berry have exceptional faces

Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Angelina never looks like a bum, and she's usually wearing something black, so i relate to that. She's not overdone, but she's done.

My Ultimate Dream: to be the nose for a perfume house.

How Do I Define Womanhood: being confident and content makes you beautiful. being a person you can be proud of. dressing for yourself first, wearing what you love.

My Favorite Fashion Publication: in style, glamour, allure, and cosmo

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