Thursday, May 1, 2008

product test drive.....dr. feelgood

when i heard that this was a balm for your face, i almost steered clear. to me, the word "balm" implies greasy or waxy, neither of which an oily-skinned girl wants on her face.

Benefit's Dr. Feelgood has a reputation for disguising shine, so i had to give it a go.

i've owned this for awhile, and at first i used it alone. it has the strange feel of a chapstick when you put it on, and it's transparent on your skin. it minimized pores and served as an excellent mattifier. i did find that it works best when you have exfoliated, though, because flakey patches seemed more evident with this on (at least around the nose).

under makeup, it smooths the skin and makes a good, long-lasting base. it contains vitamins to nourish your skin, too. it doesn't feel greasy, so skin looks and feels soft.

it's totally portable in it's adorable little tin, so you can touch-up your t-zone through the day, if you like.

i give it an A! this is one doctor you'll like to see!

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