Monday, April 14, 2008

the best hairsprays on the planet (and the hair i wish i had)

this is natalie dormer, who plays anne boleyn on "the tudors". she has the most gorgeous head of hair on the planet. it's probably a wig or a weave. i still want it.

which brings me (in a wierd way) to my favorite hairsprays. for a hair product to impress me, it has to smell good AND perform. i like my hairspray to hold. some prefer to have "touchable" hair, but i had to choose between the feeling and the look because my hair is curly. for me, my hair can either be soft/touchable/frizzy or slightly crunchy and frizz free. i'm okay with the trade off.

-Sebastian Shpritz Forte. this is the best holding spray i've ever encountered, and it smells awesome.

-Bed Head Maxxed Out Hair Spray. this holds nicely and has a groovy fruity smell. hooray for fruit on your head!

-Aveda Brilliant Hair Spray. Nice hold and definitely the best smell out of the bunch. when i have this on my hair, i am constantly putting my hair under my nose because my hair smells heavenly.


Boutique Mix Fashion said...

it is a fabulously gorgeous weave :-)

Glossy said...

I am right there with you! Natalie Dormer is gorgeous and so is that hair!!

I've linked you on my blog :)