Sunday, April 6, 2008

product cocktail...cupid's bow and trixie

i am notorious for combining product lines in a completely irreverent way. today's little experiment was courtesy of my personal stylist, beauty queen (who also happens to work for...a place where i can buy all this stuff. how lucky am i?)

first, she applied benefit's cupid's bow lovely lip-shaping set, highlighting the outline of my lips as well as inside the lip line. then, she applied bare escentuals buxom lips in trixie.

cupid's bow might be a little tricky to self-apply at first, since you are basically contouring your lips as you would your cheeks or eye area. blending is the big key to pull it don't want to look like an early 90's latinesque drag queen.

this is one of my favorite lip looks i've ever had put on me. it's a pretty, polished look that lights up your face, instead of putting your lips on center stage. perfect for warm weather!

buxom really does plump my lips, has a nice tingle and it smells like the beach!

i bought the gloss, but they were out of cupid's bow. it figures. i WILL be back to buy it when it's in stock.

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