Sunday, April 20, 2008

fragrances: second chances and breakups

it's so disappointing when you are convinced you are going to love a fragrance and then you don't. it can smell awesome on another person and get great reviews, but when you put it on yourself, it loses it's magic. sometimes it even becomes repulsive!

i want to like "clean". it's all over hollywood. however, on my skin, it turns sharp and almost sour...and i'm left more with the chemical smell of a cleaning agent than a fresh out-of-the-shower smell. i tried "sweet layer" and when i asked someone else's opinion, i was told i smelled like pledge (the spray you dust with!).

a lot of florals turn sharp on me, which is why i usually steer away. any significant amount gardenia or jasmine makes my nose burn in have no idea how many fragrances that rules out! versace's "crystal noir" is an exception, being mainly gardenia and amber. i don't know how it made it past my gate, but it's gorgeous.

lately i've been reminiscing about old fragrances. nothing recently released is grabbing my attention, and so i start reflecting and revisiting some old familiars. it's interesting how one's taste can change...i'm finding that some scents i used to be wary of are catching my interest. if i had a magic wand, i would give myself the following three fragrances right this minute:

-chic by carolina herrera. i actually have a small bottle of this that i'm trying to ration. (mandarin flower, orange flower, absolute, Bulgarian rose petals, red freesia, sandalwood, vanilla absolUte, white musk).

-ck be. it used to be worn by a friend of mine and i didn't like it then. i just tried it on this weekend and rather enjoyed it. it's deep and husky and a little masculine, but it's a fabulous clean skin smell. (Bergamot, Juniper Berry, Mandarin, Mint, Magnolia, Peach, Sandalwood, Opoponax, Tonka Bean).

-truth by calvin klein. i stopped wearing it because it left all the department stores. you can still get it online, and i should buy it. i got a ton of compliments with it. it's this fabulous herb-y, wet woods scent that they also sold in an oil, which was a little sweeter. cocktail the two and i can't stop smelling myself!(Bamboo, patchouli, vetyver, wet woods, white peony, white clover and sapling, bio vanilla, white amber, silk tree flower, acacia flower, woods and musk).

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