Saturday, April 19, 2008

product lust.....philosophy skin care

the curse of being addicted to beauty products is that sometimes we want to fix it when it ain't broke.

case in point: i use clinique's popular 3-step as my skin cleansing routine. they were the ones who actually proved to me that oily-skinned girls need a moisturizer. i also use their 7 day scrub. all the products that i use do a perfectly adequate job, and their price definitely appeals to me.

and yet, i really want to try philosophy.

my friend, beauty queen, insists that a good cleansing routine is the key to a perfect face. it's pointless to put $1000 paint on a bad canvas, and that even cheap makeup will look great when the canvas is right. since she's got the degree and i don't, i believe her. plus, you have to wear less coverage when you aren't self-conscious about your skin.

i'm going to enlist beauty queen's help in selecting the perfect cleanser and moisturizer, but here are some other philosophy products that i can't wait to try:
-the microdelivery peel
-booster caps
-the microdelivery mini peel pads
-on a clear day h2o2
-the oxygen peel
-the microdelivery exfoliating cloths
-never let them see you shine velvet touch primer
-never let them see you shine scrub

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