Friday, April 18, 2008

product test drive....High Resolution Eye Collaser-5x

i'm fighting the clock as hard as any other girl out there...i don't want my skin to show age, or stress, or anything else! i've been scouting out anti-aging products since i was 25, always peering in the mirror looking for an unwanted line.

i can admit that i don't follow all the rules that are out there about how to stay wrinkle-free. i'm not ready to give up my tan just yet. however, i am constantly slathering my face with something that will (hopefully) reduce the damage.

my most recent find was High Resolution Eye Collaser-5x from Lancome. it's claim is to fight wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. my main mission when purchasing an eye product was one that put up a phenomenal wrinkle fight and could be worn successfully under makeup. i knew a good eye cream would be pricey.

this is a winner, i do believe. money well spent!

i've worn it day and night (sleeping and under my makeup) for about a week, and i notice a difference in the lines around my eyes! i do feel like my eye area is lightened, which must be the reduction of my dark circles. i've inspected my skin in my bathroom light and in natural light, and the lines have disappeared!

one squirt covers both my eyes, so this bottle will last me for awhile. who knows, i may end up investing in the serum for the rest of my face as well!

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