Monday, April 14, 2008

product lust...stila lip rouge

we've established that i like things that stick. i've been pretty faithful to my bourjois lip stain pen (which looks marvelous under every lip gloss i have).

many lip stains i've tried are tricky to apply evenly, turn a hideous brown on me, or simply don't stay put as they promise. almost every line has a lip stain, but i'm skeptical.

stila lip rouge is on my list of things to purchase next. it's easy to apply (like a marker), has a good color selection of both bold and natural shades, and stays. no, scratch that, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to remove. i streaked the back of both my hands experimenting with the colors and it was still there two days later, after multiple washings (with antibacterial soap) and showers.

i'll purchase "smooch" or "grin".

i can't wait to see how it holds up after a long day and eating greasy food. but after it's performance on my back of my hand, i'm pretty confident that it will stand it's ground.


Kyl said...

*lusting* do they sell these at ulta? I must have yesterday.

snb-the glamourista said...

you know...i'm not sure, because not even all of the sephoras carry them!! i saw this at a full size sephora.