Friday, April 4, 2008

the glamourista, introduced

i have always had a beauty product addiction. hair stuff, lip stuff, eye stuff, and worst (best?) of all....perfume.

since age ten, i've probably never owned less than ten perfumes. or ten lip glosses.

over the years, this insatiable hunger for all things smell-good, soft, or sparkly has overtaken my bathroom and parts of my bedroom. my style has evolved, and my products have evolved with it. and, as if to feed the beast, they keep coming out with new products and convincing me that i need them. i'm a sucker for packaging and marketing.

i'll try almost anything once. but i'm a harsh needs to do it's job or it becomes dead to me. i'm only faithful to things i love.

combine my need to look pretty, my lust for products, and my lazy streak and you've got quite an interesting cosmetics customer. i want to look amazing, and i don't want to spend hours doing so.

this is my addiction unleashed into the blogosphere. welcome.

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